Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights first

Over the years, Wells of Hope in partnership with National Children Authority has participated in events that aim at advocating for children with incarcerated parents.

Wells of Hope is delighted to report that on 12th June 2019, 4 children participated in the Symposium in celebration of The Day of the African Child which is celebrated annually on 16th June. Over 40 children from over 5 schools participated in the symposium, at Hotel Africana. This year’s theme was Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights first
The children appreciated the work being done by organisations, government and institutions in helping children embrace their rights. They expressed a need for; more laws against child trafficking, parental care, safety, face-to-face prison visits, accessibility (to information, facilities say for the disabled) among others.

Mary from Wells of Hope High school sharing about the need for more face-to-face children’s prison visits

Stakeholders committed themselves to; provide more spaces where children can advocate for their rights, show more care for children, conduct more sensitization about children’s rights, share responsibility between teachers and parents in ensuring total discipline and empowerment of children, among others.

During the symposium, stakeholders encouraged the children to share more about their rights; to always desire to better people; to not to give up on Hope. “Children being the pillars of tomorrow, we need to address their rights,” said Mr Mondo Kyateka, Commissioner Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development

“We need to create a brighter future for children; it takes you and me to end violence against children,” said Mr Jeremiah Nyagah, Programmes Director World Vision Uganda. He added that children are needed to play their role in shaping the future. “Children are a gift from God and we need to help them to benefit citizens of today and tomorrow,” said Jeremiah.

Wells of Hope thanks National Children Authority for their continued support towards the children at Wells of Hope. Thanks to all stakeholders, partners and friends for your support towards children with incarcerated parents.

Anooshka Gupta, intern from the University of Michigan US and John Ochola, Wells of Hope staff sharing a picture with Mercy, Colman, Mary and Sarah at Hotel Africana

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