Embracing Resilience Among Children With Incarcerated Parents

Very often, children suffer difficulty or distress due to various reasons. Children with incarcerated parents face trauma which in most cases results in nightmares/ sleeping problems. Through counseling, the children at Wells of Hope are able to cope with having a parent in prison.

On 11th June 2019, Babra Namutosi Wells of Hope Assistant Programs Coordinator conducted a session with the students at Wells of Hope High School. She was accompanied by 3 interns; Anooshka Gupta from the University of Michigan USA, Charley Campbell from Carleton University, Ottawa Canada and Esther Birungi from Kyambogo University Uganda.

The goal of the counseling session was to teach the students about resilience. In future weeks, the counseling sessions would build upon resilience, touching on topics such as career guidance, abstinence, sexuality, and true love waits.

The session began with the students viewing a clip from the movie, Facing the Giants. The students observed the “Death Crawl Scene” in which a football player wears a blindfold and crawls across the football field while carrying another man on his back. Following the clip, Charley engaged the students; and they (the students) shared what they picked from the clips. Esther and Anooshka later shared with the students about the day’s topic. The students shared how they understood the term resilience; they responded with terms such as perseverance and determination. Esther defined resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” Additionally, Esther shared with the students of her own experiences with resilience.

Barbara practically demonstrated resilience to the students; she asked for a volunteer to try to take a chair away from her. Once the student succeeded, Barbara prompted the students to reflect on the activity and continue speaking about resilience.

The students shared that they had learnt to never give up on anything in life.

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