11 Children Meet Their Parents For The Very First Time

Dr Bahiyyah Muhammad, her children (Jian Muhammad, Jaelah Muhammad) and Wells of Hope staff sharing a photo with the children before they set off from Wells of Hope offices to visit their parents in prison, on 30th April 2019

One of the ways Wells of Hope Ministries enhances family bonding is through children’s prison visits. On 30th April 2019, 90 children visited their parents in 6 prisons which included: Upper Prison Luzira, Murchison Bay, Women Prison Luzira, Kitalya prison, Nakasongola prison and Jinja prison. They were accompanied by Dr Bahiyyah Muhammad, from Howard University, USA; Muntaquim Muhammad, her husband and their children; Jian Muhammad and Jaelah Muhammad.

The Wells of Hope children were extremely overjoyed during the visit most especially 11 children who were visiting their parents for the very first time. It was such a joy to see the parents and children reunite and bond.

Upon arrival at the correctional centers, the Wells of Hope team was warmly welcomed by the prison officers.  The children and parents were overjoyed to meet again for the very first time in 2019. During the visit, the children expressed immense joy; the younger children were seen carried by their fathers and mothers, on their laps as the older children engaged their mothers in harmonious conversation.

Below were some of the main highlights:

  • 11 children met their parents for the very first time.
  • Prisca (5 years) and Joseph (3 years)’s father was shocked to see his children as he had left Prisca a baby and Joseph not yet born. He couldn’t identify them and asked for guidance to identify them.it was exasperating to watch them reunite after a very long time.I left when Joseph was still in her mother’s womb and Prisca was just a year; thank you Wells of Hope for enabling me to meet my children again!” he exclaimed.
  • Agnes (10 years old) and Paul (5 years)’s dad on seeing his children, he couldn’t hold his tears because he couldn’t apprehend how fast they had grown. The children told him how life back at home is and how they wish he could go back.
  • Parents expressed a lot of enthusiasm as they interacted with the teachers. The parents discussed with the teacher about their children’s academic and social well-being. “You’re my hope right now; all I pray for is that through Wells of Hope, you will be able to attain education, something I was not able to,” a mother was heard encouraging her daughter.
  • “Please remember me in your prayers as I prepare to face judgment soon; I still want to experience this moment with my children,” David (not real name) told his 4 children. The children were crestfallen; Angella, the oldest said, “Daddy I hope to see you again.”

Dr Bahiyyah Muhammad expressed her sincere gratitude to Wells of Hope Ministries for facilitating children to visit their parents so that they can bond with them; and for engaging parents in parenting through parent-teacher sessions. She was also impressed by the fact that the parents were able to prepare a sumptuous meal which they happily shared with their children.

We thank Grace Fellowship Duarte who facilitated this visit.

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