A New Way Of Living For Women Leaving Prison

The newly furnished Wells of Hope Safe Home

Wells of Hope Safe Home that serves as a half way home for women who are leaving prison and cannot immediately go back to their families for various reasons last month concentrated on interaction with the women in prison and orienting them about the possibility of joining the home once they are released.

Francis Ssuubi, Wells of Hope founder and Shiphrah Nantongo, the Project Administrator interacted with the women at Women Prison Luzira and they appointed a leader among themselves; through her, they would register names ladies interested in joining the home after their release from prison. According to the information compiled, our assured occupant will leave prison on 1st June as she reconnects with her family. We are yet to start the orientation process.

Wells of Hope Safe Home also had its very first board meeting with a select committee
comprising Ms. Lydia Ssesanga from the Uganda Prisons service, MS Connie Numbi from the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Rev Christopher Onyuth from church of Uganda Luzira prisons Ministry team and Mr. Francis Ssuubi; who as a committee advised on how best to run the home and the possible ways the administrators can ensure sustainability amongst which was involving key stakeholders in the country through organizing the launch of the home and introducing it to the public for support and advocacy.

Francis Ssuubi, Connie Numbi from the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative,
Lydia Ssesanga from the Uganda Prisons service and Rev Christopher Onyuth from church of Uganda Luzira prisons Ministry team sharing a photo after the Board Meeting on 26th April 2019

95 Inmates Give Their Lives To Christ

At Wells of Hope, inmates are at the heart of all the work we do. Through interventions like Prison evangelism, their hope is restored; they come to believe that prison is not their final destiny but a transition. Through evangelism, we reach out to the inmates with the word of God and fellowship together. One of the ways we conduct evangelism is through Easter In Prison, an annual event which is conducted by 104.1 Power FM in partnership with Wells of Hope Ministries.

This year around, the event was held on 13th April 2019 and it was held at Murchison Bay prison, Luzira. A team of 12 from 104.1 Power FM were accompanied by Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director. The team was warmly welcomed by the prison staff and the inmates.

Despite the cloudy weather, the inmates and the visitors were overjoyed during the event. The event was commenced by a heartwarming praise and worship session; the visitors and the inmates expressed their excitement through wide smiles and loud applause.

Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director sharing about her first visit to prison

Ronald Tumwesigye, one of the visitors shared his testimony; he encouraged the inmates by saying that the fact that God turned his life around for the better, He would do the same for them. “God has a plan foreveryone here,” he said.

The Officer in Charge of Murchison Bay prison thanked 104.1 Power FM and Wells of Hope Ministries for extending love to the inmates by celebrating the festive season with them. He encouraged everyone to utilize the lent season and commune more with God.

Henry Katongole from 104.1 Power FM encouraged the inmates to embrace a transformed life through Christ. He encouraged those who were wrongly accused to forgive those who wronged them; and those who were rightly put in prison, to use their time in prison to allow God to transform them for the better. Henry encouraged the inmates to embrace Christ’s love and quoted 1John 3:1, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!…” In his own words, Henry said, “If God loved us so much that he sent his only son to die for us, then what won’t he do for us when we ask him?”

The main highlight of the day was that 95 inmates gave their lives to Christ!

During the event, the inmates shared a delicious cake which was donated by 104.1 Power FM.

104.1 Power FM also donated items among which included: football jerseys, footballs, a trophy, jerrycans, buckets, soap, soda, food, among others.

We thank 104.1 Power FM for their continued support in extending love to inmates.

Wells of Hope Participates At The Skoll World Forum

Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Ministries Executive Director was in United Kingdom for this year’s Skoll World Forum workshop which was held from 8th to 12 April. She joined more than 1000 social entrepreneurs from all over the world to learn, share and inspire partnerships with the 2019 theme, “ACCELERATING POSSIBILITY”

During the workshop, she attended the Ecosystem Panel Discussion – “Driving Change at the Local Level: Why community- led development should be part of your philanthropic strategy”, which was moderated by Ms. Bernadette Moffat, Executive Director Elma Philanthropies (Africa).

“I was inspired by meeting, learning and sharing my own experience of reaching out to children with incarcerated parents with different collaborators driving large scale change. I know now at Wells of Hope we can scale up our programs to reach the more than 200,000 children in Uganda with a parent in prison leveraging on our success story,” said Ellen

We thank Elma Philanthropies for their continued support for the work that Wells of Hope does.

Every Child Needs To Grow Up In A Home

We’re glad that we will be launching an alternative child care program that will include foster care and family strengthening for children with incarcerated parents in Uganda! Sebilu Bodja and Adey Dereje from Bethany Christian Services USA Africa Regional office based in Ethiopia visited Wells of Hope from 10th to 12th April. They assessed Uganda child welfare systems, to prepare detail implementation plan (DIP) and training of staff.

Sebilu Bodja interacting with Daniel, one of the pupils at Wells of Hope Junior School
Sebilu and Adey from Bethany Christian Services US offering training to staff at Wells of Hope Secretariat on carrying out an effective alternative care program for children with a parent in prison including Foster Care

We thank you Lori Hockema and everyone in Indianapolis, USA who fundraised for the funds we needed. The children will still come to Wells of Hope but during breaks will be going back home.

Reaching Out To Families Of Inmates In Kenya And Tanzania

Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director sharing a photo with one of the families in Kenya

Last month Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director
traveled to Kenya and Francis Ssuubi, Wells of Hope founder traveled to Tanzania; in order to see the progress of Wells of Hope work there. They got to hear the stories and testimonies of the Wells of Hope families in Kenya Busia and Tanzania. The Children who were not in school are now in school receiving food, love, education, name it. The guardians said that the children couldn’t read, write or even speak before people, but are now doing all this.

Marjorie interacting with some of the children under Wells of Hope care in Kenya

We are extremely grateful to our friends and partners for always supporting the work Wells of Hope does in Kenya and Tanzania.
The grannies and moms are so thankful for the support they receive from Wells of Hope; they say that this has relieved them so much!!

During his trip Francis shared some highlights;

I talked with two women in Tanzania whose husbands are on death row. Amina one of the women says that when her husband got imprisoned she sold all their land to pay for legal expenses, she lost all the money, yet at the same time the husband was still given a death sentence. She has one child who is 7 years old; because she could not afford to stay with him, she took him to stay with her mom. She also says she didn’t tell her son what happened to the father, but the son kept asking and was always sad because the fathers of the children in the neighborhood would return home but for him his father never returned. Amina’s son later got to know from one of the neighbors children that his father was on death row. Amina’s son came home crying to ask the mother if that was true; Amina admitted and tried to counsel her son who was crying uncontrollably.”

Francis sharing a photo with some of the women who spouses are in prison

We thank all our sponsors for their continued support.