Reuniting Families Through Prison Visits

On Thursday 28th/Feb./2019, 5 children at Wells of Hope who were born in prison had an opportunity to visit their mothers at Luzira women prison.  Such an opportunity has helped to bridge that big gap between these young ones and their mothers. On hearing the good news that they would always visit their parents more times (5) in a year than before, this made the children feel so happy, excited and loved. They couldn’t hold their joy as they surely expressed it on their faces which were full of smiles.

The day was a success because our goal was attained, the children met their mothers, they were all happy to see each other, and the mothers were as thankful and happy as expressed in the endless hugs and loud laughter between the parents and their children. The mothers had fully prepared for their children’s visit as they had cooked them good food and prepared some snacks for them to carry to school ranging from pastries, crisps and other eatables. The children and the mothers had ample time interacting with one another.

The mothers conveyed their warm regards and gratitude to Wells of Hope Ministries for always being there for them in their absence; Linda (not real name), one of the mothers had this to say, “I do not know the right words to use to thank Pastor Ssuubi (Francis Ssuubi) for his continued love and support towards us and our children. May God bless him abundantly!”  She also added by thanking Wells of Hope Ministries  for standing in for and with her during hard times especially when she lost her husband who died in prison. All the mothers were appreciative and grateful for the way the organisation cares for their children.


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