HIV Prevention & Care Trends And Parenting Of Children With A Parent In Prison – Psychosocial Support To Caregivers

Wells of Hope staff and staff from Aids Information Center sharing a photo with the children’s caregivers on 18th January 2019, at Wells of Hope offices

Prisoners and their families are at the center of what we do; annually, we conduct psychosocial workshops for caregivers, with an aim of helping them cope with having a loved one in prison; and sensitizing them about HIV & AIDS.

On 18th January 2019, we held our first workshop, with the theme HIV Prevention & Care Trends & Parenting Of Children With A Parent In Prison; and 32 caregivers participated. Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Executive Director welcomed the caregivers, reminded them of the Wells of Hope Vision and Mission; and appreciated their good turn-up which showed cooperation as we partner together to raise children with incarcerated parents. She recognized grandmothers and caregivers who are not biological parents for the care and love; and encouraged them that 2019 is going to be  a year of greater achievements. Richard Kawooya, Prevention Officer at Aids Information Center (AIC) together with two counselors facilitated the HIV prevention and care session; he encouraged the caregivers to always test for their HIV status; to remain faithful or abstain. 

Dr Kawooya sharing about HIV prevention measures

He urged those living with the HIV virus to always check their CD4 count at health centers; and to take proper care of themselves and not to spread the virus. The caregivers later volunteered to be tested for the virus.

A caregiver being tested

During the Parenting session, the Wells of Hope Junior School Deputy Head Teacher and Wells of Hope High School head teacher updated the caregivers about their children’s academics.

Charles Ocoper, Wells of Hope Junior School Deputy Head Teacher and Charles Ssenoga, Wells of Hope High School Head Teacher sharing about the children’s well-being with the caregivers

The head teachers reported that the children’s general performance had greatly improved compared to the previous years. They urged the caregivers to be part of their children’s lives and take care of them; they shared with the caregivers in depth the expectations of this year as far as the children are concerned through sharing of school rules and regulations, among others.

Charles SSenoga, Wells of Hope High School interacting with caregivers

We thank all our sponsors for their continued support.

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