Marjorie’s Mission Trip To USA

Grace, Bridget, Mercedes, Beth and Marjorie sharing a photo at the Gala on 30th November 2018

Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director was invited by Camp David of the Ozarks in Missouri to represent Wells of Hope during their “Let’s go change the world” Gala on 30th November, 2018 in Missouri ; the aim was to share the impact of Camp David’s international work in Uganda where they run camps for children with parents in prisons .
After the Gala she visited three other states that is Texas, Indiana and California. While there she was able to visit churches, schools, Universities and Bible study groups. She had an opportunity to provide an update about Wells of Hope and our experiences. Wherever she went she shared stories and experiences of children with parents in prison
Wherever she went different people welcomed her, some chose to sponsor a child and others gave one time donations. The highlight of her trip were the quality of time and reception from everyone she connected and re-connected with; she appreciates the quality time given to her, welcome and bonding with families that she stayed with. She enjoyed sharing stories about children with parents in prison in Uganda as well as learning about children with parents in prison in the USA.
Wells of Hope wishes to thank everyone for your prayers and support. Without your contribution, this trip would not have been possible and successful.

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