A Ray Of Hope Amidst Having A Parent On Death Row

Children with parents face many challenges most of which are psychological. At Wells of Hope, the children grow to become more confident and hopeful. Winnie (17) is one of the 6 children (at Wells of Hope High School) who sat for Uganda Certificate Examinations last year. Winnie emerged as the best student with 34 aggregates. Upon receiving the news, she was very thrilled. Winnie wants to become a doctor in future. Winnie is a very determined and hardworking girl. Her dad is on death row at Luzira Upper prison.
We are very delighted that all our candidates at Wells of Hope High School who sat their finals last year passed; this is our pioneer senior four class after the school was started in 2017. We thank all our sponsors for their continued support towards the children.

Restoring Hope To Children With Imprisoned Parents

One of the families visited in Mubende district
In November and December last year, Rose Mugala, Wells of Hope volunteer with Projects department visited 11 families of children with imprisoned parents in Central Uganda – Mubende, Mukono, Luwero and Kampala districts. The families are living in impoverished conditions; the children lack clothing and are pale; most them are infested with jiggers. The houses the children and their caregivers are living in are in a sorry state; they are temporary shelters. Most children have never visited their parents in prison; they do not know how they look like. 14 children will join the Wells of Hope Care and Support program this month; their caregivers are hopeful that their children will be reunited with their parents in prison and will receive education.

Wells of Hope Junior Schools Shines In Primary Leaving Examinations

Wells of Hope Junior School 2018 Primary Seven Candidates

We are delighted to report that 18 children from Wells of Hope Junior School who sat for Primary Leaving Examinations last year excelled in their finals; 1 child passed in Grade I, 14 children passed in Grade II and 3 children passed in Grade III.

We thank our sponsors for their continued support for children with imprisoned parents.

Armed and Equipped For Excellence, Effectiveness and Team Spirit

Richard Egesa (extreme left) and and Joseph Apata (extreme right) from Purpose Uganda sharing a picture with the staff of Wells of Hope Schools on 26th January 2019

Annually, teachers and support staff at the schools are equipped in capacity building. This year’s training was held on 25th & 26th January 2019, with the theme “Armed and Equipped For Excellence, Effectiveness and Team Spirit.” The Executive Director welcomed the staff into the New Year and reminded them of the Organisation Vision, Mission and Values. She appreciated them for last year’s performance and encouraged them that 2019 is going to be a better year because they all have potential to excelThe topics facilitated about included: Sexual Harassment and measures of prevention; Child Protection; Becoming a great teacher; Effective learning and Effective teaching; Focus, Prioritizing and Weekly Programing; Temperaments and Personality traits; Team work. 

Richard Egesa from Purpose Uganda facilitating about Temperaments and Personality traits

The staff were encouraged to work in teams and that for an organization to move forward, collective efforts of each member are required. They were encouraged to embrace Professionalism which will enhance positive behavior of the children.

Joseph Apata from Purpose Uganda facilitating about Teamwork

The Executive Director emphasized the importance of staff understanding the Child Protection & Harassment policy that exists at Wells of Hope. The staff were encouraged to work in teams and that for an organization to move forward, collective efforts of each member are required.

One of the staff members participating in the training

The facilitators included: Harounah Kayiwa, an instructor from Buloba Teachers Primary College; Richard Egesa and Joseph Apata from Purpose Uganda; Ellen Eva Ssuubi; Charles Senoga, Wells of Hope High School head teacher, Stephen Tukahirwa, Wells of Hope Junior School Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, Charles Ocoper.
We thank Mr Kayiwa, Mr Egesa, Mr Apata and all our sponsors for their continued support.

When Sponsors Meet Their Sponsored Children

Prof Adele Jones from the University of Huddersfield  sharing a photo with Winnie, her sponsored child

At Wells of Hope, child sponsorship is at the heart of what we do; not only do sponsors give hope for a better life to the children with imprisoned parents, but they also become family to the children.
On 23rd January 2019, we were extremely delighted to have Prof Adele Jones from the University of Huddersfield visit us again since 2012. During her visit, she met the staff at Wells of Hope secretariat and she visited Wells of Hope Junior School and Wells of Hope High School. One of her major highlights was meeting Winnie, her sponsored child. She was amazed at how beautiful and confident Winnie had grown. Prof Adele was very happy to see how fast the organization had progressed. She donated scholastic materials like books, crayons, pencils, balls, among others. Prof Adele’s visit in 2012 was transformational; she’s an advocate for vulnerable children and children with incarcerated parents at Wells of Hope.  
We thank Prof Adele for her continued support and love for the children at Wells of Hope.