OneHope Reaches Out To Children With Incarcerated Parents

On 27th November 2018, we were privileged to have Pastors Herb & April Adkins and Pastor Catherine Cordova from USA. They were accompanied by our friends from OneHope Uganda. The OneHope team comprised Daniel, Godwin, Jacob and Calvin.
The visitors and the children happily mingled with each other.

Pastor April Adkins and Daniel Biyinzika from OneHope entertaining the children

The visitors encouraged the children to always glorify God above anything else; they encouraged them to always trust him for he’s a BIG GOD! They encouraged them to dream big because everything is possible with God. The children were encouraged to always put their trust in God despite the circumstances they may be going through.

Pastor Catherine Cordova encouraging the children to dream big
Pastor Herb Adkins interacting with the children
Daniel and Gabriel Bategeka from OneHope isharing with the children about Change Agents

The OneHope team encouraged the children to use what they have to be change agents for example kindness, love, among others. They cautioned the children to trust God because he’s the only person going to help them to be the change in the world; God desires everyone to grow.

The visitors taught the children “the Water Bucket” game from where they learnt that they need to persevere in life, embrace teamwork, among others.

Wells of Hope children playing the water bucket game
The visitors cheering the children

Children entertaining the visitors


Wells of Hope children praying for the visitors

We thank Pastor Catherine, Pastors Herb & April Adkins for their love towards children with imprisoned parents.
We thank OneHope Uganda for their continued support for the children.

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