Embracing Self Esteem; Counseling At Wells Of Hope Junior School

On 18th October 2018, Barbara, Wells of Hope volunteer conducted a counseling session at Wells of Hope Junior School. The session was about self esteem;the children were taught that too much self esteem / confidence may lead to a lot of familiarity of others while low self esteem may lead to depression, stress and poor performance; the children were encouraged to balance the two.

During the discussion, explanations were made about the causes of low self-esteem which included;

1)      Negative beliefs about oneself can affect their confidence in school and at home.

2)      Bullying at school is another cause of low self esteem discussed with the children;

3)      Mistreatment of children by teachers and caretakers was also one of the causes that was identified by the children.

4)      Children were then advised to love and help one another as brothers and sisters, in order to build each others’ self esteem at school.

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