OneHope Reaches Out To Children With Incarcerated Parents

On 27th November 2018, we were privileged to have Pastors Herb & April Adkins and Pastor Catherine Cordova from USA. They were accompanied by our friends from OneHope Uganda. The OneHope team comprised Daniel, Godwin, Jacob and Calvin.
The visitors and the children happily mingled with each other.

Pastor April Adkins and Daniel Biyinzika from OneHope entertaining the children

The visitors encouraged the children to always glorify God above anything else; they encouraged them to always trust him for he’s a BIG GOD! They encouraged them to dream big because everything is possible with God. The children were encouraged to always put their trust in God despite the circumstances they may be going through.

Pastor Catherine Cordova encouraging the children to dream big
Pastor Herb Adkins interacting with the children
Daniel and Gabriel Bategeka from OneHope isharing with the children about Change Agents

The OneHope team encouraged the children to use what they have to be change agents for example kindness, love, among others. They cautioned the children to trust God because he’s the only person going to help them to be the change in the world; God desires everyone to grow.

The visitors taught the children “the Water Bucket” game from where they learnt that they need to persevere in life, embrace teamwork, among others.

Wells of Hope children playing the water bucket game
The visitors cheering the children

Children entertaining the visitors


Wells of Hope children praying for the visitors

We thank Pastor Catherine, Pastors Herb & April Adkins for their love towards children with imprisoned parents.
We thank OneHope Uganda for their continued support for the children.

Celebrating Christmas With Children Of Incarcerated Parents

The festive season is here and at Wells of Hope, Christmas always comes early because by 25th December, most of the children will have gone back home for the long Christmas break. Every year, we hold a Christmas party for the children. This year’s party was held on 24th November. During the celebrations, the children expressed immense joy and happiness.

We were privileged to host Mondo Kyateka, the Commissioner Youth and Children Affairs at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development who graced the occasion; he was the Guest of Honor.

Wells of Hope children and staff welcoming Mondo Kyateka at Wells of Hope Junior School

In his speech, Mondo cautioned parents to take full responsibility for their children.

Mondo Kyateka sharing about taking full responsibility of children

He commended Wells of Hope for the care and support rendered to children with imprisoned parents. Read more

During the celebrations, the children happily presented Christmas carols and a skit about Christmas.

Wells of Hope children presenting a Christmas carol
Mondo Kyateka cutting the Christmas cake with Wells of Hope children and staff

Together with the visitors, the children shared a lovely meal; and later received Christmas gifts. “I am glad that I got a Christmas gift; at home, we don’t celebrate Christmas.”


Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Executive Director handing over a gift to Allan

13 children graduated from kindergarten to primary. Dressed in graduation gowns and caps, the children were differentiated from their friends; they expressed joy and happiness during the graduation ceremony. The graduands were awarded certificates as a way of congratulating them upon completing kindergarten level.

Ellen Eva Ssuubi handing Rebecca, 6 years her certificate. Behind Rebecca are her siblings Rose (L) and Sarah (R). Extreme Left is Charles Ssenoga, Wells of Hope High School head teacher and extreme right is Charles Ocoper, Wells of Hope Junior School head teacher

We thank Partners in Hope USA and all our sponsors for their generosity; and for their care and support in bringing hope and joy to the children with imprisoned parents.

Embracing Self Esteem; Counseling At Wells Of Hope Junior School

On 18th October 2018, Barbara, Wells of Hope volunteer conducted a counseling session at Wells of Hope Junior School. The session was about self esteem;the children were taught that too much self esteem / confidence may lead to a lot of familiarity of others while low self esteem may lead to depression, stress and poor performance; the children were encouraged to balance the two.

During the discussion, explanations were made about the causes of low self-esteem which included;

1)      Negative beliefs about oneself can affect their confidence in school and at home.

2)      Bullying at school is another cause of low self esteem discussed with the children;

3)      Mistreatment of children by teachers and caretakers was also one of the causes that was identified by the children.

4)      Children were then advised to love and help one another as brothers and sisters, in order to build each others’ self esteem at school.

Scouts Club At Wells Of Hope Junior School

The scouts club members during one of the sessions

In October, Wells of Hope Junior pupils continued to learn about scouting. This time round; they learnt about the importance of singing and taking notes; they learnt that in Scouting, they sing because it’s informal education and they have to entertain themselves with educative Songs. Also, the children learnt the importance of taking notes of their observations, thoughts, questions, and feelings.