Living A Meaningful Life By Knowing God; Wells Of Hope Bible Study Sessions

Bible Study sessions are conducted  with the aim of helping children know that the riches of this world are worthless without  God, serve God at all times, grow up knowing biblical principles and practice them in their daily lives and knowing that without God life has no purpose and without purpose, life has no meaning.

Below are some of the highlights for October;

  1. Started Christmas preparations
  2.  Children recall and answer questions asked during the Bible study sessions
  3. Students at Wells of Hope High School were grouped into bible study groups these include: Shalom, The cornerstones, Exodus and Samaritans. Their leaders are to help in conducting bible studies, organizing Sunday services, and ensuring that everyone is involved.
  4. Pastor Mark Kato started leadership meetings with the group leaders at the high school. This was started two months back at Wells of Hope Junior School and it has helped the children to gain self-esteem and more skills in leading others.
  5. The candidates’ dedication services were held; one at Wells of Hope Junior School and another at Wells of Hope High School.

Wells Of Hope Junior School Seed Project

On 15th October, 76 children from Wells of Hope Junior School and 10 teaching staff were involved in a community outreach. The aim of the outreach was to show love and care to the community in Kyoga, a nearby village. The activities conducted included sweeping, picking rubbish, burning rubbish, slashing and cleaning the borehole. The places cleaned were the community borehole, roads, the trading centre, areas around the shops and roadside .

As the other children were cleaning, three girls took part in evangelism i.e they approached the community people in a friendly way with the aim of sharing about God’s love.  The children also gave out school flyers to the people within the community that  contained  information about the school and its activities.


Pastor Mark joining the children in the outreach


John, a member of the teaching staff engaged in the outreach

Charles Ssalongo, Local Council leader joined the team and toured around the cleaned places and thanked the Wells of Hope Junior School for the heart of serving others.

Pr. Mark, Wells of Hope volunteer emphasized on demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by putting love in action, loving one another and sharing .

Pr. Mark thanked the children and the teachers the work done.

Children With Parents In Prison Receive Woolworths Clothes And Shoes

We are glad to children with parents in prison under Wells of Hope care received Woolworths clothes and shoes on 28th September 2018. The children were extremely happy after receiving their items; they expressed their excitement through shouts of joy and wide smiles. We thank Woolworths Uganda for their continued support for the children and their caregivers.