Camp David Uganda 2018

It’s such a joy to report that Camp David Uganda, the children’s Annual camp was held from 26th to 30th August 2018; and 135 children with parents in prison under Wells of Hope care participated. This year’s theme was “International Change Agents”.

On Sunday, Lukas Hogshooter, Benjamin and Grace Smith were warmly welcomed by the children; the children expressed their excitement with wide cheer, smiles and hugs. The Camp commenced with setting up the work areas for the different classes/sessions which were to be conducted from Monday to Thursday.

The children participated in teams according to their age groups; and the children comprised 8 groups which included: Jades, Pearls, Rubies, Crystals, Diamonds, Lions, Tigers and Panthers. This year, Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director was the Camp Director, alongside Benjamin and Grace Smith. Lukas and Ellen Eva Ssuubi were the counselor coaches; they used to oversee the roles of the counselors, that is, the group heads. Some of the older children who were campers last year were counselors; they happily related with their friends and were able to utilize their leadership skills. The rest of the older children comprised the support staff; they helped in creating a conducive environment during camp for example, they did chores like cleaning, serving meals and assisting class leaders.

The classes conducted during camp included: sling shots, creation class, crafts, team building, games and dance class.



Daily, the children were engaged in a counseling session to help them cope with parental imprisonment; the session was conducted by Benjamin, who the children preferred to call Papa Big Heart.

During the camp, Benjamin conducted woodwork sessions with the male support staff. He taught the students how to make and play the carpet ball game (without the carpet); which they enjoyed playing.


Grace engaged the female support staff in sewing; she taught the girls how to sew dresses. We thank all sponsors and friends for the sewing machines which were donated.



Among the lessons learnt, the children learnt how to work together and appreciate God’s creation; they explored their skills in the crafts class through painting and bracelet making. They explored their skills in dancing as well.

Some of the main highlights during the camp included:

  • The birthday celebrations; the main hall was wonderfully decorated. Every group shared a birthday cake and every camper got a birthday present.
  • The children acquired skills in sewing and woodwork.
  • The shaving cream battle and Spy Adventure; the children and staff expressed immense joy as they played the games.

Lukas Hogshooter servig cake to the Crystals


On the last day of the camp, the children made SMORE’S at campfires; every camper was awarded a certificate as a way of appreciating them for participating in the sessions.

We thank Ben and Grace Smith, and Lukas for their love and support for children with parents in prison. We thank everyone they worked with.


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