Foster Care Program: Visit By Bethany Christian Programs

Sebilu Bodja interacting with the children at Wells of Hope Junior Schoool

On 12th and 13th July, Wells of Hope hosted Mr Sebilu Bodja and Corrie Sjoblom from Bethany Christian Services, Ethiopia. The aim of his visit was to assess the need for the Foster Care Programme for children with parents in prison, under Wells of Hope Care. During his visit, he interacted with mothers at Luzira Women prison (under Wells of Hope care and those whose children are in the prison day care centre), mothers of children with parents in prison in the FACE programme, the children at Wells of Hope Junior School and Wells of Hope staff at the secretariat/ head office.

At the prisons, mothers expressed their gratitude to Wells of Hope for the love, care and continued support towards their children; “I see Wells of Hope as a father, more so a mother because a mother does whatever it takes to ensure that her children are happy,” a mother said.
They all happily welcomed the new program; they said that they would prefer having their children spend the holidays with foster families who are not related to them to spending the holidays with their relatives because their relatives pose a danger to the children. One of the mothers said that if her children stayed with her relatives, there would be high chances of them returning to the terrible conditions they were in before joining Wells of Hope. The mothers expressed complete trust in Wells of Hope to choose families where their children would be cherished and loved; and want Wells of Hope to always monitor the foster families.
The mothers appreciated Wells of Hope for the support rendered to them; “we never imagined that someone would ever look at us as human beings. Our children should never reap the fruits of the crimes we committed,” a mother said.

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