Equipped To Change My Community; Psychosocial Workshop


Dr. Kakoraki from Uganda Prisons Service facilitating about HIV Prevention and Care on 23rd May 2018

27 caregivers participated in a two day psychosocial workshop which we conducted at our offices from 23rd to 24th May 2018. Some of the topics facilitated about included: HIV Prevention and Care, Parenting, Financial Literacy and Coffee Farming. Dr. Kakoraki from Uganda Prisons encouraged the caregivers to always go for Testing so that they get to know their status. Mrs Kiwumulo Eron from Family Comfort Foundation encouraged the caregivers: to have hope in their children and their future; to identify their children’s talents; to always have a place in their children’s lives; to always do their part, leave the rest to God; and attach value to their children.

Mrs Kiwumulo Eron (1st row, 2nd left) sharing a photo with the caregivers on 23rd May 2018

Rose Nabbuye helped the caregivers to review what businesses they had in mind; how to start them up and how to sustain them. She encouraged them to always have a business plan before starting any business. The caregivers expressed zeal in starting up businesses, some of which included: poultry, tailoring, baking, among others. Mr Musana Augustine encouraged the caregivers to embrace coffee farming; and shared the different techniques.

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