Equipped To Change My Community; Psychosocial Workshop


Dr. Kakoraki from Uganda Prisons Service facilitating about HIV Prevention and Care on 23rd May 2018

27 caregivers participated in a two day psychosocial workshop which we conducted at our offices from 23rd to 24th May 2018. Some of the topics facilitated about included: HIV Prevention and Care, Parenting, Financial Literacy and Coffee Farming. Dr. Kakoraki from Uganda Prisons encouraged the caregivers to always go for Testing so that they get to know their status. Mrs Kiwumulo Eron from Family Comfort Foundation encouraged the caregivers: to have hope in their children and their future; to identify their children’s talents; to always have a place in their children’s lives; to always do their part, leave the rest to God; and attach value to their children.

Mrs Kiwumulo Eron (1st row, 2nd left) sharing a photo with the caregivers on 23rd May 2018

Rose Nabbuye helped the caregivers to review what businesses they had in mind; how to start them up and how to sustain them. She encouraged them to always have a business plan before starting any business. The caregivers expressed zeal in starting up businesses, some of which included: poultry, tailoring, baking, among others. Mr Musana Augustine encouraged the caregivers to embrace coffee farming; and shared the different techniques.

Restoring Hope To Spouses Of Inmates By Equipping Them With Vocational Skills


The ladies in the Tailoring programme posing for a photo with one of the gifts, a new sewing machine on their graduation. L-R; Margret, Susan, Hadijja, Brenda and Iryn

On 24th May 2018, 5 ladies graduated from the Family And Community Engagement – FACE Tailoring Programme; We were privileged to host Joyce Ssebugwawo, Rubaga Division mayor; who was the Guest of Honor. She officially handed over certificates and gifts to the graduates.

Owek. Joyce Ssebugwawo, Rubaga Division mayor handing over a certificate and a gift to Margret, one of the graduates

The Mayor encouraged the graduates and the other caregivers; to be hardworking; and to always pray to God to intervene in their lives especially for their loved ones in prison.


One of the ladies said that she never hoped she would graduate, because in her family she was the only one who never attained any kind of formal training and never had a job, but the tailoring course and experience has made her realize that she’s worthy and she feels confident she will succeed. Hadijja, one of the ladies said she’s starting her own tailoring school at her home, and she already has 8 students. We thank Ben Raikes, everyone he works with and all our UK friends for making this possible. We thank Mama Teresa Kemp for her contribution towards the sewing machines that were given to the ladies as well as their business cards; each of the ladies has business cards.

The graduates posing for a photo with their business cards

We thank Partners In Hope USA and all our sponsors for their continued support.

When Mama Teresa Visited

We are glad to report that Teresa Kemp from Breaking Chains International (USA) in partnership with Wells of Hope and Uganda Prisons Service ministered to people affected by incarceration in Uganda. The visit was from 7th to 12th May 2018. She ministered to: spouses of inmates under Wells of Hope care (who are in the Family And Community Engagement programme), children with parents in prison under the Wells of Hope Care and Support program, to inmates and Wells of Hope staff. During her visit, she conducted crusades at Luzira prison, Jinja prisons and in Busia-Kenya; she ministered to over 1000 inmates and prayed for the sick.

Teresa ministering to inmates at Luzira Upper prison on 8th May 2018

One inmate Joseph said that, Teresa Kemp testimony changed his life, because he had been struggling with drugs since time of his high school days; he was a drug addict, but upon hearing Teresa Kemp’s story that God changed her life since she was also once a drug addict, Joseph said from Teresa’s testimony, he had been transformed and would never go back to drugs. Mathias another prisoner said that, he has been so joyful since the day Teresa visited them, and from her testimony was encouraged to know that regardless of what one has been through, he or she can be very useful and valuable in society. Those who were sick said that were grateful to Mama Teresa for treating them with royalty and didn’t fear them or even undermine them and that she freely mingled with them without fear of contracting their diseases.

Teresa praying for a patient in the prison hospital on 8th May 2018

On 9th May 2018, she interacted with Wells of Hope staff, the spouses of inmates and the children. She encouraged the children to always put their trust in God because He never forsakes His children.

Mama Teresa encouraging the children to put their trust in God

She encouraged the spouses of inmates to embrace the value in God because he transforms our lives; that alone renews our lives. “In Him, nothing is impossible,” she added. She encouraged the staff to be a seed to the ministry; and to always have faith in God.

Teresa encouraging the spouses of inmates in the Tailoring program to always put their trust in God

During her visit, she donated sewing machines and funds for business cards to the spouses in the tailoring project; supplies (like toothpaste and soap) to inmates; and sewing machines to the children.

Teresa sharing a photo with an excited inmate after she had received supplies 

We thank Mama Teresa for her love; and continued care and support for the children.
We thank Breaking Chains International and everyone she works with for their support.